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Africa, What an adventure. 

A close friend of mine and i bought a '1975 Land Rover Series' and drove across the entire southern part of this wonderful continent. Our purpose was to bring awareness to Anti-Rhinoceros Poaching and make a documentary. We started in Cape Town, South AFrica drove through the entire country, interviewing game reserve owners and rangers and learning tons about this majestic animal. From South Africa we ventured into the wilderness of Botswana, camped in the bush with lions, leopards, and of course, lots of rhino and finished off at Karma Rhino Sanctuary deep in the jungle. We made our way back to Cape Town via the east coast of Africa, from Mozambique hugging the shoreline the rest of the way home. 

Over 2,000 Photographs taken, these are just a sample, enjoy.

'All Rights Reserved LSB Photography LLC'

Want to know more about the Trip?

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