N F T ' S

Relatively new to the NFT space and am totally obsessed. Bored Ape Yacht Club was my first NFT experience and after going to Apefest 2021 (see video below) in New York City, as well as seeing the hype around NFT.NYC, I can confidently say that NFT's are the future. 

Below is my current collection as well as a link to my opensea collection where you can purchase some of my photography or pieces of art I've collected along the way.


A P E F E S T  2 0 2 1 

New York City

As I said above, I went to Apefest as a fascinated, eager to learn and network guest, and shot the majority of this video on my iPhone 12. It was also on Halloween and I went as Heath Ledger's Joker - Why so serious?

Music by the Strokes

W O R L D   C H R O N I C L E S

A global episodic experience exploring the plant the entire world is fussing about - Cannabis.

World Chronicles is a passion project of mine I'm looking to produce specifically in the NFT space. Cannabis and NFT's go together like spaghetti and meatballs - let's get this show on the road people :-) 

I am currently working on creating Tokens that when purchased will go toward funding each episode. Assuming the show gains popularity, which it will gain popularity, having these NFT's will hold great value. Buying a token will also give you first access to the episode before anyone else, as well as an invite to premier parties that take place in the future. 

Watch the trailer