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- Co-founder of  ‘The Asher House,’ a dog rescue organization that traveled the entire United States in an RV with 9 dogs to promote the Adopt Don’t Shop,’ philosophy. 

We mainly uploaded to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and collectively garnered over 275k followers. 

We rescued over 200 dogs. In doing so, we gained a lot of media traction and were featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Pickler & Ben, The Dodo, LadBible, and various other global and local media outlets.

Watch the Ellen interview here...

Watch the Pickler & Ben interview here...

- Produced and narrated a 'Drive Your Ambition' campaign for Mitsubishi of North America. The campaign lasted 5 months and I created and narrated several videos to help enhance Mitsubishi's social media presence - specifically on Instagram.

Watch one below

- After being on The Ellen Show and meeting Ellen, I was extremely inspired by her & Portia's conservation work they are doing in Ruhengeri, Rwanda with the Dian Fossey Fund. The day the show aired, ironically, was the day I landed in Rwanda.

I had never been to Rwanda and had no idea what to expect - it ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Such is travel.

This is me getting there, uploaded by EllenTube, created by me. 

Music: "Moonwalk Away" by Goldfish

- Co-founder of  ‘The Asher House Wellness,’ a CBD Oil Tincture for you and your pet. 

Started the Company in June 2018 and sold it two months later for over $1million to Cannabis Strategic Ventures. Check out an article here.

Click the image to be transferred.


- Produced and edited content with the Dodo that helped promote our mission and get us on the map, figuratively. 

Over 42million views.

- Produced a plethora of product images for Happy Moose Juice, Bull City Designs,

Instant Promotion & DocMagnet to help enhance their social media/website imagery.

- In 2011, myself and Nikolai, a local Afrikaaner and close friend of mine, traveled around Southern Africa living out of a 1975 Series Land Rover raising awareness for anti-Rhinoceros poaching. We teamed up with some amazing organizations and were introduced to a world of knowledge about the animal kingdom and conservation efforts.

These are some images from that trip.

- Producer and Co-Star of  ‘Ruff Life with Lee Asher,’ a YouTube series following our life around the country rescuing dogs. Edited and distributed by ‘The Dodo,’ a giant animal media blog with millions of subscribers and viewers.

Watch the Episode 1 here..

W O R K E D   W I T H

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