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- Co-founder of  ‘The Asher House,’ a dog rescue organization that traveled the entire United States in an RV with 9 dogs to promote the Adopt Don’t Shop,’ philosophy. 

We mainly uploaded to our Instagram and Facebook accounts and collectively garnered over 275k followers. Today, the Asherhouse has well over a million followers.

We rescued over 200 dogs. In doing so, we gained a lot of media traction and were featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show, Pickler & Ben, The Dodo, LadBible, and various other global and local media outlets.

Watch the Ellen interview here...

Watch the Pickler & Ben interview here...

- Produced and narrated a 'Drive Your Ambition' campaign for Mitsubishi of North America. The campaign lasted 5 months and I created and narrated several videos to help enhance Mitsubishi's social media presence - specifically on Instagram.

Watch one below

- After being on The Ellen Show and meeting Ellen, I was extremely inspired by her & Portia's conservation work they are doing in Ruhengeri, Rwanda with the Dian Fossey Fund. The day the show aired, ironically, was the day I landed in Rwanda.

I had never been to Rwanda and had no idea what to expect - it ended up being one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Such is travel.

This is me getting there, uploaded by EllenTube, created by me. 

Music: "Moonwalk Away" by Goldfish

- Co-founder of  ‘The Asher House Wellness,’ a CBD Oil Tincture for you and your pet. 

Started the Company in June 2018 and sold it two months later for over $1million to Cannabis Strategic Ventures. Check out an article here.

Click the image to be transferred.


- Produced and edited content with the Dodo that helped promote our mission and get us on the map, figuratively. 

Over 42million views.

- Produced a plethora of product images for Happy Moose Juice, Bull City Designs,

Instant Promotion & DocMagnet to help enhance their social media/website imagery.

- In 2011, myself and Nikolai, a local Afrikaaner and close friend of mine, traveled around Southern Africa living out of a 1975 Series Land Rover raising awareness for anti-Rhinoceros poaching. We teamed up with some amazing organizations and were introduced to a world of knowledge about the animal kingdom and conservation efforts.

These are some images from that trip.

- Producer and Co-Star of  ‘Ruff Life with Lee Asher,’ a YouTube series following our life around the country rescuing dogs. Edited and distributed by ‘The Dodo,’ a giant animal media blog with millions of subscribers and viewers.

Watch the Episode 1 here..

W O R K E D   W I T H

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